The Mind Maze – Cubefield

The Mind Maze – Cubefield
Cubefield is a popular online 3D game aimed at training brain skills such as concentration, visual perception, and reaction time. These brain skills mostly are used during physical activities such as driving a vehicle and playing sports. The game scene background changes as you progress. At first, gray foreground and white sky are presented to you. Later the color scheme changes to fluorescent green and black. The changes in the scene are bound to distract your concentration and challenge your visual perception hence stay focused don’t let them distract you.

The game is simple but intense, just like Happy Wheels, you can find unblocked version of this game at to give it a try. Playing Cubefield game for the first time, you won’t last longer than a few seconds. Stick with the game and after few minutes of playing and practicing, you will zooming and dodging the cubes like you were on an auto-pilot. The speed of your Cubefield progressively increases for the long you play thus strive to bear enough and complete the Cubefield game.

Cubefield playing instructions.

To play the Cubefield game, use the right and left arrows located on your computer keyboard to guide the triangular ship dodge through the cube-shaped obstacles. Focus intently as the ship moves at a high speed. Avoid running into any of the cubes or the game ends. While playing, you may press P from your keyboard to pause and continue the game if interrupted. The quality of the game can be adjusted while playing by pressing Q on your keyboard and change among the three qualities; low, medium, and high quality.

To perform better and earn high scores, do not move your ship wildly left to right across the field of cubes. Secondly, keep your eyes concentrated on the path right in front of the route that you are drifting. Finally, being a brain teaser, the game requires maximum concentration and swiftness to acquire highest scores.

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