The Mysterious Hacked Happy Wheels!!!

The Mysterious Hacked Happy Wheels!!!

Happy Wheels is a game created by Fancy Force and was released on Jun 4th, 2010. The designers of Happy Wheels are Jim Bonacci and Jason Schymick. Also, the programmers are Jim Bonacci and Alec Cove.This game can be played on the internet, ios, and Android for free. Also, this game is physic based. The whole point of the game is to choose a racer and make sure the character you choose is prepared and makes it to the finish lines. You can eject your character from the vehicles. The players can be shot, crushed, or get their head chopped off by certain obstacles. Hacked Happy wheels is a version of Happy Wheels.

Hacked vs. Regular game:
In the hacked version of the game you are not able to die and if you ever get stuck you are told to restart the game. If you try to play the hacked version it is a lot harder because the company has blocked it on some websites. Both of the games are single player. Something players should be aware of is that in the hacked happy wheels as well as the regular happy wheels there is a violent nature to the game. It is suggested that only older kids play it.

The first cheat is called God mode. In God mode you become immortal and no matter the amount of weapons used against you, you can survive.

For the controls you will need to use the keyboard on your computer or tablet. If you press shift and controls at the same time it allows you to do secondary actions. The Z button is for ejecting, the space bar is for the main action of character, and the arrows you can use to navigate the area. The upper arrow means reverse, the left/right arrows means lean and the lower arrow pointing towards you mean reverse.

P.S. As you know this is free online game and you can play it on various sites, my favorite one is official blog.

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