Apple Shooter – Browser game guide

Have you ever wanted to be a professional archer? Have you ever wanted to shoot an apple off a friend’s head from 20 feet away with only a bow, an arrow and your mental fortitude and skill? Well, I highly recommend you don’t try that in real life.
If you have some time to kill you might want to check out this addicting click and shoot browser based game – Apple Shooter! You play some sort of William Tell wannabe, and the sole objective of the game is to shoot an apple off a poor man’s head – at increasingly large distances! Trust me when I tell you it gets quite hard very fast.

Apple Shooter – Browser game guideHow to play apple shooter:
The game is very intuitive and easy to learn. The only objective is to shoot an apple off your friend’s head, after all. As you manage to proceed through the levels the odds of not murdering your poor friend get lower and lower. Try to get as far as you can and beat your friends in the scores! Good luck getting past level 10..

Missing a shot is no problem – you get as many attempts as you want and you will not lose your progress. But if by some terrible accident you happen to shoot your poor friend – you will have to start over after watching him suffer in an explosion of blood! So please be very careful!


Luckily the controls are very easy to learn as well. To play apple shooter, use your cursor to choose the best angle to shoot the arrow and hit the apple. You can use the little compass with the green arrow on top of your character to help you out.

Once you think you have it, click and hold your left mouse button. The bar on top of the compass will start filling out, from green to red. The more you hold the button, the faster your arrow will go! An empty bar means a weak shot, and a full bar means a strong and fast one. Don’t be discourage if you accidentally let go too quickly a few times and the arrow doesn’t go anywhere. It takes a bit of practice to get going.

Try not to put your mouse directly over the apple – you would cause your friend’s untimely demise! The arrow follows the rules of gravity just like in real life and travels in an arc. I recommend aiming a bit above it and firing at full strength!

We hope you enjoy playing Apple Shooter. Make you sure you check out our other games as well!