Huge news! Game series with Mario theme! 90’s would love it!

Huge news! Game series with Mario theme! 90’s would love it!
Hello my beloved readers and followers, today I have wonderful web-site to share with you! It is pure bomb! Site where you can find nearly all versions of Mario games in flash platform!

Yes, news is huge! especially for those who belong to 90’s (like me), our childhood was all about playing games like Mario all day long, all of those first impressions, all of those first adventures and fun with your friends, yes… you know I sometimes even cry when I remember those good old days, it was just irreplaceable and outstanding experience.

So web-site which I want to share is number one game on this site is Super Mario Crossover. They also have other Mario games, I will list all of them below so you can take a look on them:

Mario characterSuper Mario Crossover 2
Super Mario Save Toad
Super Mario Bros
Super Mario Bros Star Scramble 2
Mario Magic World
Super Mario Bros. Crossover 3.1.2

List is pretty big, playing these flash games can bring back some of you sweet childhood memories, I can’t express, it is just wonderful feeling.

Another great thing is that you can play these games on your PC, you are at work bored? No problem, just visit – and have all of your Mario games in one place (just make sure that no one can notice what you are doing ‘friendly reminder’).

Controls of these games are pretty simple, if you want to find more details just visit ‘controls section’ which can be found inside the menu of the game.

I would love to say couple of words about authors of this game – Super Mario Crossover, developer is company named Exploding Rabbit, they have various 8-bit games (with adorable 8-bit music as well <3) which you can of course play for free online, find their official web-site with simple Google search.

My favorite flash game provided by Exploding Rabbit is Mario Crossover, main reason is that you can find all old school characters in one place, additionally to this original map of Mario is the same. Also it is worth mentioning that each character from this game has its own unique spell (or attack ability, call it whatever you want).

mario last stage
You know it is really interesting to finish this game while play with for example with Mega Man. Isn’t it crazy to see Mega Man and other 90’s character inside Mario game? Man I would love to see something like that back in my childhood, that would be just unbelievable!

This is huge news which I wanted to share with you, I’m pretty sure you will just love these game series with Mario theme.

What you should know before playing Return man 3


Return Man 3 also known as The Season is all about American football. This game which is third in the series of return man games is based on making as many touchdowns as possible to amass huge game scores and compete effectively with other players. Game is also available on online platforms featuring multiplayer options.

What you should know before playing Return man 3

Game Instructions

This game focuses on catching ball and scoring a touchdown. It may sound simple but it is hard due to opponent’s very strong defence. The first couple of levels are quite easy but things get harder in next or higher levels. To advance in these levels, you will have to test and use your skills effectively and exercise knowledge on what you know about American football. Some moves come in handy in the game helping in avoiding enemy or opponent attacks usually when to perfectly avoid them.

On scoring touchdown you will earn points and later on after you have scored sufficient amount of touchdowns, you will have the ability to unlock different special moves. These special moves are very important and in total you will have the opportunity to unlock six moves. Try out the moves while learning carefully their functions, what they do and how to correctly use them if you need to succeed in completely unlocking all levels and finish this game.

Return man 3 screenGame Controls

Here are some basic game controls which are very simple and confortable to use;

I, J, L and K buttons or Arrow buttons – They are used to move character in different directions.

§ I/Up – Moves character forward.

§ L/Down – Moves character backward.

§ J/Left – Moves character to the left.

§ K/Right – Moves character to the right.

Other keys or buttons with their special functions and moves;

§ Space bar – Dive Tackle or continue the game.

§ M – Mute the game or silent mode.

§ A – Swim.

§ S – Shuck.

§ D – Bull Rush.

The Mind Maze – Cubefield

The Mind Maze – Cubefield
Cubefield is a popular online 3D game aimed at training brain skills such as concentration, visual perception, and reaction time. These brain skills mostly are used during physical activities such as driving a vehicle and playing sports. The game scene background changes as you progress. At first, gray foreground and white sky are presented to you. Later the color scheme changes to fluorescent green and black. The changes in the scene are bound to distract your concentration and challenge your visual perception hence stay focused don’t let them distract you.

The game is simple but intense, just like Happy Wheels, you can find unblocked version of this game at to give it a try. Playing Cubefield game for the first time, you won’t last longer than a few seconds. Stick with the game and after few minutes of playing and practicing, you will zooming and dodging the cubes like you were on an auto-pilot. The speed of your Cubefield progressively increases for the long you play thus strive to bear enough and complete the Cubefield game.

Cubefield playing instructions.

To play the Cubefield game, use the right and left arrows located on your computer keyboard to guide the triangular ship dodge through the cube-shaped obstacles. Focus intently as the ship moves at a high speed. Avoid running into any of the cubes or the game ends. While playing, you may press P from your keyboard to pause and continue the game if interrupted. The quality of the game can be adjusted while playing by pressing Q on your keyboard and change among the three qualities; low, medium, and high quality.

To perform better and earn high scores, do not move your ship wildly left to right across the field of cubes. Secondly, keep your eyes concentrated on the path right in front of the route that you are drifting. Finally, being a brain teaser, the game requires maximum concentration and swiftness to acquire highest scores.

The Possible manner to an Impossible Quiz Online

Impossible Quiz is an international online game available to millions of gamers and subscribers. This is the ultimate game to bring the mind teasers and all your skill sets into one place. The game is classified as a professional skill set based flash game. The purpose of the game is to provide entertainment and some mind nourishment for all the game players. The impossible Quiz is a very popular game in many countries with different people from all parts of the globe as its subscribers.

The Possible manner to an Impossible Quiz Online
The main idea behind the game is to put you through an online test. Yes it is simple as that but don’t forget tests can be trick and exhilarating. The Impossible Quiz is an online test that starts off with a question presenting a multiple choice option for you to select from just like in the exams. The game then evaluates your answer on your submission and takes you up to the next question.

funny logo of the gameThe question is then what makes this game the Impossible Quiz?

The answer to the above question is that it consists of 120 questions based on different domains and levels of complexity. The quiz questions are not trivial and simple to answer. The quiz tends to test your capabilities in multiple domains and how well you can use your knowledge to your advantage. The game does have its perks; it presents the player with many chances to get the answer right. But how many chances are enough? It is not up to you to decide. The best design and logic feature of the Impossible Quiz is that its formulation is based on developing analytical and logical thinking. Thus your brain capacity and capability increase with fun. It also has the tendency and improves English language skills in most people. The only criterion to win the quiz is to THINK!

You may also find impossible quiz answers here if you find it too hard to handle, just don’t tell about this blog anyone, lets make it our little secret 😀

Some of the skills you might require to play the Impossible Quiz are:

· Insane logical skills

· Marvelous analytical skills

· English proficiency

· A good luck charm for guess questions

To solve the quiz you have about three lives. Once you are shot dead of these lives the game is over and you may restart and try your luck again. The game play consists of “SKIP Question” feature. This feature becomes available after consecutive correct number of answers. If you answer the questions correctly for a designated number you receive the option to skip a hard question which is valid throughout the game and can be utilized as per your choice.

The game may give you a skip option, but remember it is an Impossible Quiz and thus you may be shattered to pieces with BOMB questions. Yes the time limit on BOMB questions is 1 minute to even 30 second; if you fail to answer correctly in those minutes or seconds well good bye ad Game Over!

The Impossible Quiz 3 is an amazing game to play. It is both fun and brains; the best part of the game is it leaves you with more skills than you had before you played it.

Useful guide about Raze 3

Today is a special day since One of the most famous action shot games Raze 3 is available for your playing, and its name is exactly Raze 3. Did you remember the excitement of playing its first exciting versions? If so, please spend time in playing its third installment, packed with action and shooting via this genre now! Being considered a great developer, JuiceTin cared about any detail throughout the raze game. This is actually an epic mix as his emotional song covers every feeling, just like you are a hero or a gladiator on an unknown planet.

raze 3 vs aliens
What Should Players Do In Raze 3 ?

The game is all about aliens who are flocking to our beautiful planet with the evil aim of invading the whole land and destroying the mankind. Can you ignore it? If not, please hurry up! Take time to get access to Raze 3 in order to protect your beloved world right now, dear players! Legend has it that the army of these rivals is very strong because they are all equipped with modern weapons, in addition to owning brilliant strategies to cope with the humans’ troop deployment. At present, they are landing on a large facility wherein there seem to be many mysterious military rooms of the mankind. What for? They intend to quickly exterminate this key area if you are not quick to do anything.

During the game, players are required to lead human soldiers around the facility for the purpose of detecting the enemies, and then use the given weapon to fight against all of them. Yes, don’t forget to avoid their terrible shots as well as violent assaults. By the way, it is a smart idea to buy particular upgrades and powerful equipments for your home army. Hope that you all will have unforgettable time!

Useful guide about Raze 3

How To Play The Raze 3 Game Ideally ?

In order to lead the game towards a resounding consequence, you need to interact with keys and mouse flexibly. Of course, don’t be hesitant to show your shooting and strategies for defeating the foes. They are so dangerous and horrible that they will kill anyone, regardless of women, kids, or old citizens. As a result, always keep mind conscious and open to any kind of their attacks. The following are some simple, but useful guides for reference:

The A, S, D, and W or arrow keys are used to move.
The spacebar is used to jump.
The left mouse is used to aim and shoot.