Return Man 2 Mud Bowl – The Best Football Game Online

Football fans rejoice, with Return Man Mud Bowl you can take the place of your favorite football player and battle through various teams to reach the top, just like in 3000 CrunchBall!

I – Run ForwardsK -Run BackwardsJ – Run LeftL – Run RightA – SpinS – Speed burstD – Front FlipSpace Bar – ContinueM – Mute

Return Man 2 Mud Bowl – The Best Football Game Online
How to Play?

Begin the game by moving your character into the yellow circle, the circle will fill up and when it is filled entirely the ball will land, allowing you to catch it and start running. Your team mates will stop the enemy players from intercepting you, so make sure to stick close to them so they can defend you, in addition to having to contend with enemy players, you must also avoid environmental hazards such as deep mud pools which will slow your character down, allowing the opposite team to take you down. But you don’t have to avoid everything on the field, there are power-ups such as the speed boost which will allow you to easily dodge the enemy players, and the golden star pick-up which will increase your score. The player has 4 possessions which work as lives, meaning you have 4 chances to make it to the end zone.

Now that you know the basics, you are ready to battle through all 15 stages this game has to offer! You must score multiple times during all 15 stages ensuring plenty of game play for the player.
Getting to the end zone and scoring isn’t all that counts, you must also do it in style! Catching the ball, avoiding all enemy players, gathering the bonus pick-ups and reaching the end zone as quickly as possible will all increase your score. Think your the best? Submit your scores to prove it! Play off against players from around the world and display your score publicly to prove you are the best player around!
What more do you need to know? Get ready to beat the competition and rise to the top of the league!