What you should know before playing Return man 3


Return Man 3 also known as The Season is all about American football. This game which is third in the series of return man games is based on making as many touchdowns as possible to amass huge game scores and compete effectively with other players. Game is also available on online platforms featuring multiplayer options.

What you should know before playing Return man 3

Game Instructions

This game focuses on catching ball and scoring a touchdown. It may sound simple but it is hard due to opponent’s very strong defence. The first couple of levels are quite easy but things get harder in next or higher levels. To advance in these levels, you will have to test and use your skills effectively and exercise knowledge on what you know about American football. Some moves come in handy in the game helping in avoiding enemy or opponent attacks usually when to perfectly avoid them.

On scoring touchdown you will earn points and later on after you have scored sufficient amount of touchdowns, you will have the ability to unlock different special moves. These special moves are very important and in total you will have the opportunity to unlock six moves. Try out the moves while learning carefully their functions, what they do and how to correctly use them if you need to succeed in completely unlocking all levels and finish this game.

Return man 3 screenGame Controls

Here are some basic game controls which are very simple and confortable to use;

I, J, L and K buttons or Arrow buttons – They are used to move character in different directions.

§ I/Up – Moves character forward.

§ L/Down – Moves character backward.

§ J/Left – Moves character to the left.

§ K/Right – Moves character to the right.

Other keys or buttons with their special functions and moves;

§ Space bar – Dive Tackle or continue the game.

§ M – Mute the game or silent mode.

§ A – Swim.

§ S – Shuck.

§ D – Bull Rush.