How To Play Solitaire

Solitaire is a card game that individual’s can play on their own or against the computer, ofc game is free, if you are interested in playing it, feel free to visit official site. There are a huge range of different Solitaire games that can be played. All Solitaire games are simple to play. It involves a bit of luck, skill and strategy.

To play the game, all you need is a regular pack of fifty two cards and an area large enough to play the game.

Setting Up.
Give the cards a good shuffle several times.
Deal twenty eight cards into seven tableau piles. The number of cards that each pile has will increase from anywhere between one and seven. Do this from left to right. All cards on each pile must be facing down except for the top card.

The first pile on the left hand side should only have one card. This card should be facing upwards. The next pile will have two cards. The first card should be facing downwards. The second card facing upwards. Repeat this pattern until you have seven tableau piles.

Once set up, you should have a pile of cards left over. This is to be your draw pile. Place this in the upper left hand corner.
Make sure you have plenty of room at the top of the playing area. This room should be used to create four foundations piles. These piles will be finished when an Ace is played. The piles need to be built on the Ace in ascending order. The cards should be the same suit from Ace right through to King.

In this classic card game, all cards that are facing up on each pile are now ready to play.
If you have an Ace, use this to begin a foundation.
The cards can be moved from one pile to another. They should be arranged in descending order. The colors of the cards can be alternated. This means that a red card, can be moved to a black card. Or a black Jack can be moved to a red Queen.
Once the last facing up card has been removed from a pile, turn the next face down card over. This will be the next new card to play.
Place all of the cards where you can until there are no more cards to place onto the piles.
Be sure to move the cards to the foundations as soon as you can.
The game is finished when all cards have been placed into four foundation piles.